The Junket published an excerpt from a novel I’m working on. Read it here.

Newly launched Berlin-based cultural magazine Rosegarden publishes a poem of mine in each issue. Wunderbar!

And here’s something I made using the Oulipo n+7 constraint. It was fun. And it made its way into Litro as a poem in 2010. In fact, I have two more poems in Litro.

Then, below, is some academic work on short stories and the study of endings, on translation strategies, and on the urban poetries of Bertolt Brecht and Franz Werfel.

Finally, you can listen to some of my music over at Dogeared Films. There’s a video there of my song Sweetshop, in which I’m disembowelled by two girls. I also composed and recorded a lot of the other music on that site.

False Apocalypses and Neverending Stories

False Apocalypses and Neverending Stories
A report on the incomprehensible challenge
of the short story vignette

“Paradox ist: wir wissen, dass wir sterben müssen, aber wir glauben es nicht, weil wir es nicht denken können.”
- Hans Blumenberg -
This report proposes that our minds are inherently uncomfortable with the literary form of the short story because we are

Resistance and Resistancy in the Poetry of Paul Celan

In this paper I will discuss Lawrence Venuti’s notions of “fluent discourse” and “resistancy” in relation to a close reading of two translations of Paul Celan’s poem Du liegst, one of which is reasonably recent (Ian Fairley’s, of 2007), while the other (Michael Hamburger’s, of 1988) lies nearly halfway between Celan’s death in 1970 and the

Invisible Cities

Literary responses of exile and counter-exile in the poetries of Bertolt Brecht and Franz Werfel

This report analyses the markedly different literary responses to banishment in the poetries of exiled writers Bertolt Brecht and Franz Werfel, particularly in relation to the representation (and lack thereof) of the modern urban environment, which abounded in the artistic